Sunday, November 06, 2005

update and meme

Everyone in my Indiana family is okay. No house damage or anything. I did get word from a highschool friend that her parents' house was completely destroyed. Please keep everyone there in your prayers.

To avoid going to my empty bed, I'm going to do a quick meme that I got from Stepmummy.

10 things I've done that you probably haven't:

1. Been to Paris and New York City on the same day.
2. Sang on live radio.
3. Stopped to let Wee-Man open a door for me. I said "Thank you."
4. Worn flip-flops to church. (It's California, y'all.)
5. Spent an anniversary at H&R Block and another infinitely more awesome one at a crawfish boil.
6. Stuck with the life goal I made for myself when I was 8, even though my timeline was off.
7. Convinced myself that natural disasters occur anywhere I have lived simply because I lived there. How have Brandon, Mississippi and Newburgh, Indiana gone from middle-of-nowhere blips on the map to national news all within the past year? And let's not even talk about New Orleans. It's all me, I tell you. Stock up on batteries and bottled water, southern France and L.A.
8. Never touched an illegal drug.
9. Switched from cradle Clinton-loving Democrat to Dubya-loving neocon to somewhere in the middle.
10. Lost two cell phones - both in theaters.

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