Sunday, November 06, 2005

Things could always be worse...

I woke up this morning and spent time with Drew before taking him to the airport. I grumbly grumbled about the parking, about which I will blog later, then did some retail therapy. I felt kinda whiny until I got home, and there was a message from my mom asking if my dad was okay considering the tornado that ripped through southern Indiana and northern Kentucky last night. I freaked out a little bit until I found the phone and got in touch with Vicki. She and Daddy are okay, and their house is fine, but many parts of Newburgh and surrounding areas have been annihilated.

I haven't looked at a lot of news about this yet, but I am so bummed out. I have to go call a few members of my family.

If any of you readers are from the areas affected, can you tell me a little more information about the damaged areas?


Crawdaddy79 said...

Glad to hear he's okay. :)

Vicki said...

Hi. Yep, we're ok. Parts of Newburgh and Evansville are a mess.

Of course, everyone has heard about the trailer park on I-164. ABout 100 homes were destroyed and another 100ish are damaged. 22 lives lost.

Lincoln Avenue (where Mary Ann lives) is the biggest mess I have ever seen. You can't drive to her house because of the power lines blocking the way. They are just swaying in the breeze about 5 feet off the ground, completely blocking access to that road. Trees - big ones - are uprooted or just snapped off at the base. Some are just gone. Power lines and parts of trees and homes are all over the roads. Insulation is everywhere. Kinda like a pink "toilet papering" job. You can't imagine the litter. Two lane roads are one lane because of all the trash.

Vann Avenue has several homes that are smooshed and many more that are heavily damaged. The area in between Castle High and the Moose Lodge. That is part of my route to work, so

Vicki said...

I had to drive around fallen poles and over power lines just to get through. What a mess it is.

Let me tell you that the rubberneckers are on my nerves. The area along Vann is a very rural type place. There are rarely more than two cars other than me. I had to wait ten minutes to get through the intersection because of all the fools coming to look at the damage. Judging by their license plates they weren't from around here. Grr. I wish they would realize how much of a pain in the ass that is. Not necessarily to me but to the workers trying to get people's power back on and the police and the National Guard. Yes, the National Guard is here due to all the traffic. Yeah, in Newburgh. They have put a curfew out of 7:00 pm for all residents and all businesses are supposed to be closed at that time. No fun. They are supposed to start passing out tickets to all the rubberneckers. I hope they start soon so these people will have to go home. A lot of my friends have no power and would really like a shower. Sheesh.