Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Picture this.

1. Your alarm is set for the unholy hour of 3am. After all, you have a flight to catch at 5:40am.

2. Your cat, who has a strange obsession with licking plastic bags, finds the only one in your room at 2:30am and gets to work.

3. Another cat starts singing all of her favorite kitty tunes oddly enough to the same rhythm that the other cat is licking.

4. You have unconsciously taken out your earplugs, and they're sitting neatly next to each other on your nightstand.

In other news, I did actually manage to sleep last night! It was less than 5 hours, but that's only because I got to bed late! Thank you, Benadryl, my new favorite sleep aid! You work better than Nytol and taste better than tequila!

I'm really leaving for California today... see y'all Monday!

1 comment:

cncz said...

Wesh LOVES him some plastic bags. And you know how the echo is in the condo. The cat finds anything plastic and goes to work.

Thank you for letting me know I am not alone.