Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Only in my instant messenger

Two actual conversations in Yahoo IM:

Stacey: Want me to bring anything back for ya?
Angie: IN AND OUT!! IN AND OUT!! or...
Stacey: Yeah, my fellow plane goers will appreciate that.
Angie: if y'all go anywhere's near the "Blue Butterfly" I wuld dig any gound coffee they sell when I think about it. or..
Angie: Brad Pitt. Yeah, that'll be nice. Brad Pitt.
Stacey: You betcha

Stacey: Want anything from California?
Rob: hmmm... will angelina jolie fit in your suitcase?
Stacey: See, that's perfect, because Angie asked for Brad Pitt

Maybe I'll just send them both postcards. If anyone else wants anything, call my cell phone. If you don't have my cell phone number, I don't know you and wouldn't bring you souvenirs anyway.

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javafoofoo said...

If I wanted a postcard, I would've asked for a postcard.

And damn, thanks Rob, they makes it even easier for me to get Brad adn vice versa!!:D