Friday, October 28, 2005

What time is it?

Time for another episode of Stacey Has Weird Dreams!

My mom drove me and Drew up to Indiana, at which point she leaves to go visit her friend in Illinois. (This isn't totally out of left field, because one of her friends may be moving to Illinois and she was talking about joining me on my next road trip to that great black hole known as the Midwest.) She dropped us off at a restaurant, where the waiter wouldn't take our credit card because Drew had ordered something with prosciutto. We didn't have enough cash, but the waiter let us leave anyway.

I then left to go to the grocery store, where I met Vicki and Amanda (my stepmommy and baby sister, respectively). Amanda and I were walking around and she grabbed a grapefruit and accidentally dropped it, at which point it exploded and went flying around the room, finally landing on a wall nearby. Vicki came around the corner and started laughing and cheering her on. Amanda grabbed the grapefruit off the wall and started to clean up and Vicki said "I bet you can't throw that against another wall." So Amanda launched it and it landed behind the fish counter. I stayed behind to mop up a little bit and when I joined them in the sodas section, Amanda was about to throw another one. We all started giggling and looking for sodas.

Things of note in this dream:
Vicki was very, very tall. Now, if you've met the woman, you'd say "and this is of note why?" But she was much taller in this dream, pushing 7 feet instead of her normal 6.
Amanda was very quiet.
Mom was with us at that anti-prosciutto restaurant, although she had dropped us off to go to Illinois.
Vicki really wanted a Pepsi Caramel, at which point I chided her for all the sugar she consumes. Besides, Vicki doesn't drink Pepsi.
I think we were at Shnucks, one of the grocery stores in Newburgh although when we went in, it seemed more like one of those tiny dealies in Boonville.

Okay, very good. Interpret that.

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Vicki said...

Grapefruit tossing and hunting the elusive Pepsi Caramel. No wonder I am sleepy.;) It's times like these I wish I was a dream interpreter. It could be interesting.