Thursday, October 27, 2005

A pop quiz

There is very little more disgusting than

a) being woken in the morning by the sound of your cat throwing up.
b) a whole nother cat throwing up while you're eating breakfast.
c) a whole nother cat running to the rescue to eat both piles.
d) all of the above

There is very little more rude than

a) singing along at a musical - yes, even in a whisper
b) standing still talking to someone while fifty-eleven people are trying to get off the escalator
c) snoring at a musical
d) all of the above

There is very little that sucks more than

a) Hurricane Wilma
b) Florida being in much the same state as we were a few months ago
c) Another hurricane
d) all of the above

The answer is d, y'all. Have a good day.


cncz said...

which cat rushed for snack time?

Stacey said...

Why, Nimbus of course. Satan has told him to stop drinking the blood of Christians and to start eating barf, apparently.

cncz said...

i should have known *slaps forehead*