Thursday, September 29, 2005

New pictures

I posted some pictures from Hurricanes Rita and Katrina - mostly Katrina. I took some pictures on the digital camera during the hurricane before the battery died that my stepmom would have loved, but I couldn't recharge the battery because the power was out. (That didn't keep my frazzled little mind from plugging the charger in and wondering why it wasn't working though. It was a rough couple of days.) We uploaded those pictures onto the computer to clear out the memory stick and then something happened to the computer that cracked the hard drive. (Okay, I dropped the laptop. Give me a break. These things aren't built like they used to be.) So, we lost those pictures. Luckily I took some pictures on a few disposable cameras I had around. Unluckily, I'm horrible at taking pictures without a digital camera so several of the shots have my finger in them and it looks like the tops of the pictures are molded. Very weird.

Anyway... here's the hurricanes album for you to look through.

And so my girl Cristi can get her fix, here's a few new pictures of my kitties. I think the first 11 in that album are new. Several of them would be extremely cute without the BIG OL' FINGER IN THEM. I love digital cameras. Disposable cameras should not be allowed anywhere near me.


cncz said...

i am moving in, screw gstaad

cncz said...

you know that pictures of your house look like some random cat dictatorship colony with various humans in it. it honestly looks like their house.