Monday, October 03, 2005


If all dreams are up for interpretation, these two would be a doozy.

Saturday night:

My dad and I went to Vegas together. Daddy set me up on a date with Danny Bonaduce. (I'm single in my dream, apparently.) Danny Bonaduce and I decide to go out to eat then go hiking. Lots of other people were also hiking on a trail that I feel certain was right next to the new lock and dam in Newburgh, Indiana. As Danny Bonaduce, who is a lame date, and I were very close to the top, several girls walked past and laughed at me and said you'll never make it. When we finally got to the top, Danny Bonaduce went into the bathroom. I saw the mean girls go into the bathroom so I shoved the door open and hit at least two of them. I heard them giggling and saying that I'd never beat us to the bottom. Oh, and one of them was Taylor Townsend from The O.C. I ran ahead and started hauling down the hill. I started to feel bad, wanting to go back and tell Danny Bonaduce that I wasn't going to wait for him then decided to call him on my way down. Then I woke up.

Last night:

I was in a video store. I found a t-shirt promoting The Shining and decided I'd buy it, but before I bought it I decided I had to write something on it. Someone was very angry, chasing me around the store. I said I was going to buy the shirt, but someone let me know that the guy chasing me around was the producer of The Shining or something. He was really, really angry, and I was kinda scared, but laughing a little bit too. What did I so desperately want to write on the shirt? "It's just like Erin Brockovich, only better." However, the last thing I remember from the dream was seeing a promotional poster for The Shining, and across the bottom was written "It's just like Erin Brockovich, only better. Bad husbands suck."

Yeah, go figure.


shiksa said...

Okay hon. No more cajun craw taters before bedtime.

Melinda said...

bwahahahahahaha! I must make films of your dreams! I'd be rich! Of course, in your Oscar acceptance speech, you'd probably thank me and say the WRONG name again! hehe