Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Product reviews!

Have I ever done product reviews on my blog? Surely I have; I have this pervasive belief that my opinion is what causes the sun to rise and fall.

SO! There are two things that have changed my life lately. Like, dramatically. For the better. Intense stuff.

The first product is the Vegetti.

Perfectly manicured man hands not included.

Basically, you stick any vegetable in it, spin it around, and it makes spaghetti. You can boil it, saute it, bake it. I've used yellow squash and zucchini, neither of which Drew or Ace likes, but I've sautéed it and added various sauces and holy cow, it's so good, and it gets the seal of approval from Drew AND Ace. There's no squash-y taste at all. You don't have to peel the vegetable first, but I usually do. You don't have to seed the vegetable. I've heard carrots and sweet potatoes are also really good although I haven't tried them. It's only 12 bucks! Unbelievable. We don't eat pasta because we're low-carb people (although cheaters) but this has expanded the number of meals I know how to cook infinitely. I'll never buy pasta again, I assure you.

Product number two! The Instawave.

That's right, folks, it's a hair curler for total morons like myself. I've spent entirely too much money on curling irons, rods, hair rollers, anything and everything. It's never turned out right and it takes forEVER to do my whole head. I've been a girl for 34 whole years and I've just never gotten it right. I saw the Instawave during an Ulta binge and since it was only $50 and I don't have impulse control, I thought why not. The manual (yes I read the manual) said for loose curls, set it on low and curl for 3 seconds. There's an adjustment period during which you may find yourself saying bad words and looking at tutorials on YouTube, but you just put a chunk of your hair in there and it spins around and sucks up the hair around the curling rod. I counted to three and holy cow, best curls of my life.

Ironic duck lips not included. 

It takes about 5-10 minutes to do my whole head, and as you may know, I have 68 pounds of hair. That's way, way, way less time than with any other curler I've ever used and even less time than it takes to straighten. It even looks good the next day. If you've had trouble curling your hair, you MUST buy this product. 

These things get my full seal of approval. Go forth! Improve your lives! Just don't stick your hair in the Vegetti or your veggies on the Instawave.

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