Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Last meal

What would you want your last meal to be? In the purposes of keeping this light, let's say it's your last meal before you decide to take a month-long mission trip to Outer Mongolia to study the effects of cloud cover on the moods of Mongolian cattle.

I'm going with an absolute breakfast feast. There is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING (okay a few things) I love more than a breakfast buffet. I start with eggs, which have to be scrambled until they're dry. Wet eggs make me gag. And bring on the bacon, crispy, not all wobbly. Next up is a serving of buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy. And ultimately, since I have to have something sweet with breakfast, some fluffy pancakes with a ton of butter and syrup. And it's okay if the bacon touches the syrup, but not the eggs. NEVER THE EGGS.

I have almost the same thing for breakfast every morning. A chopped-up banana with cereal and some kind of nuts on top. It seems repetitive, but it's gotta be the same thing every morning or I'm grumpy. My banana dependency is outrageous - thankfully Drew always leaves me the last one.

So that's day 2 of NaBloPoMo. I cheated and used a prompt, but it's once again nearly midnight and I didn't think about my blog until I was about to turn my light out. I'll think about it some more tomorrow.


Sharon said...

Tough question. I do love some French Toast w/ syrup & powdered sugar. But for a last meal, I'd probably go w/ a juicy steak, like filet, and skin-on mashed potatoes, excellent bread rolls w/ honey butter, Rafferty's house salad, and dessert. I'd stuff myself enough to not need another meal.

Andrew said...

Salmon, tuna, and yellowtail nigiri sushi and a few potstickers as an appetizer, followed by Beef Wellington, grilled asparatus, and andouille jambalaya. A cup of seafood gumbo on the side. An English brown ale to wash it down. For dessert, a slice of Junior's cheesecake with chocolate and raspberry sauce, and a cappuccino.

Allison said...

A Bacon and Tomato Sandwich on Bunny Bread with home grown tomatoes and Miracle Whip - not Mayo with a hearty grind of fresh black pepper.

A slice of Mississippi Mud cake for dessert.

And, Oh yeah, OMG!!! You're blogging!!! It's like, a dream come true for me! I've missed you girl!

Susan said...

Does it have to be at home? Because I'd totally take myself to Gulf Shores and have the Crab Stuffed Pangus at Bahama Bob's, if that's an option. If not, I'm going with a stack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, handful of candy corn, a giant sized Snicker bar, and wash it down with a giant sized hot chocolate.