Monday, January 25, 2010


I have felt joy many times in my life.

When I left Indiana to move to New Orleans.
When I became a Christian at 19.
When I was married.
When I found out I was pregnant the first time.
When Ace was born.
When I brought Ace home from the hospital.

Each of those times, however, was tainted with fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the future, just generalized fear.

I don't know that I'd ever experienced pure, unbridled, unqualified joy. Joy that completely took my body over and rendered me speechless. Joy that made me cry and scream and shake and fall over.

Until last night.

Who dat.


Mommy Housewife said...

i still have a fear...

but i was shocked into speechlessness other than saying "holy cow the saints are going to the super bowl" over and over for about 20 minutes. i was conceived a damn saints fan. was raised as an "ain'ts fan" suffered through it all and now, as me and my mom and half of my family in and out of LA have been waiting for yesterday to come nearly (or all) of our lives...WE FINALLY MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jazz became a saints fan a month ago and doesn't have to wait. I'm jealous. However, I know that I appreciate the win WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY more than she does. :)

RhondaLue said...

wow. you really be into football!

Not me! BUT I'm happy for your joy!

i'm black betty said...

WHO DAT!!!!!!! :)

JesusThroughMary said...

If the Birds ever win the Super Bowl, O. M. G.

In the Dog House said...

Thanks for letting us share it with you. Who Dat indeed.