Saturday, July 25, 2009

No, really, this is fun.

And the potty training continues.

Ace has done remarkably well with potty training thus far. Only a few accidents the whole week! I've been very proud of him.

This morning, I put him on the potty at 10:00. At 10:15, I asked if he was ready to get down. He
said "no, and I'm gonna go poopoo."

At 10:20:

"I did it!"
"Did you go peepee?"
"Yes, I sure did!"
"Good job, honey! Are you ready to get down?"
"No, and I'm gonna go poopoo."

10:30. "Are you ready to get down?" "No and I'm gonna go poopoo."

10:40. "Are you ready now, baby?" "No, and I'm gonna go poopoo."

10:50. "Baby, I'm gonna set this timer. When the bell rings, you're getting off the potty." "No, and I'm gonna go poopoo."

11:00. "Time to get off the potty!" "NOOOOOO!! POOPOO! POOPOOOOOO!" "Baby, you sat long enough." "POOPOOPOOPOOPOOPOOPOOPOO!!!!"

11:15. He pooped on the floor.

11:20. Floor's clean. Poop is wiped off of Ace.

11:25. Cat barfs on the floor, on the SAME DANG SPOT I just cleaned.

11:30. Time to get back on the potty.

11:45. "Ready to get off the potty?" "No, and I'm gonna go potty."

11:45:20. Stacey decides it's close enough to noon to start drinking.


parrotmom said...

So funny. You just wouldn't listen. so he showed you. Sorry for inconvenice though.

Katy said...

I know this isn't supposed to be funny, but it kind of is.

I can't believe his eye got that swollen. I had a similar freak-out when a mosquito bit Charlie along his shunt tube. I just knew that he was going to get an infection and it was going to spread to his brain:) Ummmm, can you say over-reaction? Not to say that you were over-reacting. Hells yeah I would have had him in the freakin' emergency room if his eye looked like that. I just mean that mosquitos and their stupid bites drive me nuts.

Allison said...


Allison said...

P.S. - We gots to get together soon! I miss ya!

From the Doghouse said...

Well, he told you he had to go, he just didn't say when.

i'm black betty said...

LOL!!! awesome!