Thursday, May 07, 2009


I knew something was up when we got home from school and Ace said "Wanna take a nap?" While he always takes a nap, he sure hates going to bed. I mean hates it. Fights me every time for naps. I knew something was up.

You see, he's gotten real private around poopoo time. He will tell me to "go away right now!" or otherwise shoo all those around him. A few days ago, I told him "dude, I'm on to your game here. Let's go poopoo on the potty." And he sat, and sat, and sat. I got him up, thanked him for trying, and put a diaper on him, which he promptly filled within minutes.

"Wanna take a nap?"
"Hmmm, either you're sick or you're about to poop. Wanna poopoo on the potty?"
"No, wanna nap."
"Yeah, not doing it. Let's go sit on the potty."

So on the potty we go. "Wanna mama leave?" "Okay, I'll go." "Wanna mama get the book?" "Okay, honey, I'll get you a book."

A few minutes pass while I stand in the hallway.

"See da bunny rabbit? See da tail? Da bunny rabbit is pink. ... unh... Where's da bunny rabbit? Wherrrunh did it go? ... Poopoo? Poopoo onna potty? Did you go poopoo?"

Just as I was about to go in, he flushed the toilet. MY BABY POOPED ON THE POTTY FOR THE FIRST TIME AND FLUSHED AWAY MY PHOTO OP. But, the evidence was in the air (and on his butt) so MY BABY POOPED IN THE POTTY FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!

Dang Spiehler men and their courtesy flushes.


Laurie said...

LOL! It's like they have to get the "first one" under their belt, and then they're pretty much fine.

Takes after Daddy! Glad Daddy poops on the potty, too.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on the potty success!

HEATHER said...

Yay Ace!! I know you are thrilled!

Melinda Barton said...

Now, you just have to teach him how to light a match. Btw, I love that he reads while going potty. Such a little man.

i'm black betty said...

yeah, i'm ALL about a CF!!!! i'm so proud of his odoriferious consideration!!!

way to go, ace!!! :)

From the Doghouse said...

Good for him! Hope the paperwork wasn't too bad.

Allison said...


Watercolor said...


Sandi said...

Definitely a milestone. Way to go Ace. :)

RhondaLue said...

thanks for not photographing the remaining evidence you DID have.

and YAYYYY for poo on the potty!!!!!!!!!!

Bird said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Mine is completely boycotting pooping in the potty these days.