Friday, April 10, 2009

oh yeah

2 more quickies because my last post was clearly not long enough.

1. Ace made a valiant attempt at a poo on the toilet today. I mean he sat there for 10 minutes, trying and trying and trying. I live-tweeted it (um, and there may have been a picture because I'M THAT MOM) but in the end, minor success. He left a teeny tiny little something in the toilet, but certainly nothing worth all that wind and fury. I put him back in a clean diaper and within 5 seconds of having his pants back on, BOOM, there's a baseball in his diaper. A baseball made of poop. I'm kinda wondering if his buttcheeks aren't all squished together on the toilet, but that doesn't make much sense because poo is still harder than buttcheeks, right? Is there a breathe-right strip for buttcheeks?

2. Melinda won the Babelfish game. Do y'all wanna do it again someday? I pretty much got all of the songs. Thanks to everyone for participating!


Watercolor said...

It may just have to do with training his body to know when to go? He was soooo close. :) Go Ace!!

Melinda Barton said...

Which Melinda?

As for Ace, he'll get there. His little intestines might be shy. We get used to using the restroom in certain circumstances and might have trouble doing it otherwise. Like some people simply CAN'T use a public restroom. Once he gets used to this weird new location, he'll be on it like gangbusters! I promise.

Laurie said...

Oh, yeah - it starts with a pea size in the potty and quickly grows to the whole thing! Major praise for the little pea in the potty ;).

Wonderful the ADD med is working, and the mood stabilizer!! My bro takes both (along with a few other things ;).


From the Doghouse said...

At least he's willing to sit there and try. That's half the battle.

What?! said...

BWahahahaha! You are too funny! You know, that's huge!!! even if it was just a Cosby. I get bored when that's all I gots to drop at the moment too.

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Want to know something crazy that worked for us? Give him a step stool to put his feet on when he's on the potty. After all, he's spent most of his life pooping with his feet firmly on something, so it's weird to have them hanging in space and be expected to poop that way.

With the girls (okay, with Big Girl, I knew it would work with Little Girl), it worked within about a week. And we used it until she decided she didn't need something for her feet to rest on while on the potty.

Mrs.H said...

I agree with having something to brace your feet on. I used to let one of the girls push on my knees. Another thing that worked with us was little presents (gift wrapped, even). little plastic soldiers, leggos, something you can get a lot of for not much cash. Everytime he leaves a package in the potty, he gets to open a package from you.