Monday, January 19, 2009

He's fine.

Just as suspected, Ace is fine. He slept an extra hour this morning and is still in bed talking to himself, so he's good. The kid's gonna read my blog when he gets older and wonder why the heck I was such a weirdo.

He's definitely got a cold, though, which means it's good that school's out today. I doubt he's contagious, but might as well keep him home.

And now, would you like to see some videos of my kid? The first one's funny, the second one's awesome. Enjoy.

The person in the background talking to Ace is his physical therapist - she's working with a little girl with CP who can walk, but gets distracted and falls constantly - to the point where she wears a helmet, chin guard, and gloves at all times. Miss Kim is trying to get Ace to race her to the candy machine at the end of the hallway. We were early for his appointment.

Also, Ace is walking constantly now. He seems to realize that it's an easy way to get from point A to point B, so he's all about it. He still prefers crawling at home.

For the past several months, he's insisted on pushing the stroller everywhere we go instead of sitting in it, and while this takes a VERY long time, it's still good for him because it improves his balance. Obviously, letting him do this has worked. We were in CVS the other day and he was pushing the stroller along, but he kept letting go so he could walk over to the aisles and grab whatever was on them.

Which brings me to a complaint. Why do lube manufacturers have to make their product so colorful? "Want de candy, Mama?" "It's not candy, baby. It's... uhh... jelly. Strawberry flavored jelly." Also, the condom boxes proved mighty interesting to him. "See da box, Mama? Wan open da box?" "No, sugar, the box isn't for you."

I never realized how much more difficult it'd be to keep the kid reined in. When we were at his neurologist's office the other day, the kid was all over the place. It's MOSTLY childproofed, as it's a pediatric neurology clinic, but there were SO MANY DOORS Ace wanted to open. I can still outrun him, thankfully, which makes the look he gives me when he's walking somewhere he's not supposed to walk all that more amusing. That "come n get me, mama, IF YOU DARE" look. It's also 100% more frustrating for him when I do stop him when he's walked somewhere he's not supposed to go, because he's worked so hard to get there. Sorry, dude.

Well, since I don't have the day off and neither does my washing machine, I'm outta here. Y'all have a spiffy Monday.


Watercolor said...

When I was little, my dad gave me 2 table spoons of a cough syrup instead of 2 teaspoons. We were on a long car trip and I slept and slept. They freaked out a little but I was fine. I think you have to drink like a bottle or bottles of the stuff for it to be really bad. Glad he's ok.

Jo said...

I knew he'd be OK :)

Yeah... "brains" Gotta love it!!!

And that walking is amazing! Good for him! Good for you for giving him so many opportunities to build those skills :) So it takes 20 mins to walk into the school.... you have accommodated that and you LET HIM DO IT :) That's wonderful!!

My kid would've been all about the candy... screw the button or the door. LOLOL :)

Dr. Wifey said...


HEATHER said...

AW! He's so cute! Glad he's ok!

Jen said...

that little boy is so full of love. He warms my heart! And, I am glad he is ok :) hehe

Laurie said...

LOL - welcome to toddlerhood! That WAS nice of him to break you in slow, though ;).

Bird said...

wow. he looks great. if Charlie ever learns to walk i am so doomed.

Mrs.H said...

That was a GREAT catch at the beginning of the walking video. If I'd been that far off balance, my behind would have been on the floor.

Your patience amazes me.
Bless you.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Remember when you made fun of me that time because I had to chase after Clay to get his jammers on? Mwah ha ha ha ha!! Your time is coming! Mwah ha ha ha!

Jonathan said...

I thought about making a joke about chasing down the cough syrup with some Jack Daniels but then decided not to in the 0.1% chance that Ace really was doing terribly, and something bad might come of it.

I decided that 0.1% was too big of a chance to take with an off-color joke so I kept quiet.

Glad to see he's up and running and acting like a zombie again.

From the Doghouse said...

Glad he's OK.

Guess it wouldn't have helped if you had told him that the box had "balloons" in it.

Koontah said...

Brains!! It's what's for dinner.

Ladies' man Ace...he knows what "products" are important.

And are you aware of the obscene video links at the end of your first video? Pervert.