Friday, December 12, 2008

oh dear

So Ace's school's Christmas party was yesterday, as was his last day of the year. I was loaded on Benadryl and cough medicine, and once it was discovered that Rankin County schools were letting out because of the crap weather, the school's director decided to send us all home and chaos ensued. Everyone was running around handing out presents, saying goodbye, hugging, getting kids' coats on, etc. Someone handed us a wonderful gift bag and I just got a chance to look inside it this morning - there's a hand-painted ornament, some books, a toy, some socks, and a blanket with Ace's name embroidered on it!

I have NO CLUE who gave it to us, and I'm feeling like a big jerk. Ace got gifts from several of the other parents and they all have names on them, but this one's anonymous or something.

I have to find out who gave us this gift so I can send a proper thank-you note. I sent an e-mail to the school, and my next idea is to track down some of the teachers in the phone book, but I totally don't know any of their last names.

That's your Friday episode of Stacey's trivial crises. Stay tuned till next time, when she has to decide between paper and plastic!

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RhondaLue said...

I hope you find out who gave such a nice gift! Wow!

As for the canning-Ya gots to get yourself a pressure cooker/canner. Wayyy cheaper online. We have a 23 qt presto brand and we fit almost 16-18 pint size jars in each batch (or 7 quarts).

Canning Selling point:

They have a shelf life of 7-8 yrs (more than canned food you buy at the store and w/o all the extra preservatives)

In case of loss of power (everything in fridge and freezer goes bad) you have fully cooked meat at your fingertips

In case of job loss or other financial issue when you have no dough you have food on the shelf anyway.

You can buy up a ton of meat when it's on sale really cheap and can for later use and it saves you $

In case you're a lumphead like me and either forgot to go grocery shopping or just didn't wanna? still have a fraction of the time a full meal would usually take.

The meat steams in it's own juices and its the most tender chicken breast I've ever had in my whole life. And super yum.

We seriously had no food on Sunday and I was able to dump a jar of canned beef chunks into a pot n(so tender that just sticking a fork in it shreds it w/ no effort at all), toss in some BBQ sauce and in 3 minutes had a fully cooked bbq meal to serve w/ freezer rolls and my kids loved it!!

So there ya go. ;)

I like your foxy pic from your reunion as your profile shot!