Thursday, November 13, 2008

Well frickety frak.

Ace's doctor's office has held several clinics over the past 2 months for flu shots. Did I know this? That is a negatory. He's just always gotten the shots when we go in for other things. Tonight is the last clinic, and it's all booked, and they don't know if they'll be getting any more vaccines in. "But call next week, and we'll see if we have any more in." Bokay.

Please nobody tell my mother-in-law. She thinks that the flu shot is the most important thing in the world and everyone should get one and not getting one is like dropping an atom bomb on Beijing WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? Seriously, when Drew talked to her last week, he told her that he hadn't gotten one yet and she climbed up his rectum for a full 3 minutes. Need I remind y'all that Drew is THIRTY-ONE YEARS OLD. When he finally said that he can get them for free from his company and that they hadn't done the shots yet, she stopped crawling on him and started to crawl on him about Ace getting HIS flu shot. Never have I wanted to bust out my anti-vax knowledge more than that moment (thimerosal! autism! reactions!) but I just told him to lie. Lie like a dog.

It's amazing how Drew has kept himself alive since he moved out of The Barbara's house without her constant guidance. I mean, if she didn't remind him 74 times during each conversation to be careful, he'd probably run his car into a tree, on purpose. If she didn't remind him to watch his money, we'd probably be bankrupt. If she didn't remind him to brush his teeth (no, I'm not kidding, people) they'd have probably fallen out by now.

Please, people, if you know me in 29 years and you see my apron strings still wound tightly through Ace's belt loops, smack me. Smack me hard.


i'm black betty said...

BAM!!! j/k

yeah, uh, do you guys use a particular clinic on crossgrates drive? cause i missed the first session, too, and luckily called a few days before they had another one. regardless, they were idiots and EXTREMELY unorganized. i had to get the M-I-L to take diva during the DAY! ARGH!!!

Watercolor said...

Good luck!!! With ALL of it!!

I haven't gotten mine yet either.... ack.

ps. my word is matinco

Emma B. said...

The Walgreen's on Lakeland offers them on a walk-in basis -- I saw someone getting one when I was there the other day. Try calling the pharmacy there and asking about it.

Jen said...

Hmph sure your MIL isn't named Cathie? That's mine & she sounds like yours. Her baby boy is NEVER a grown man. It infuriates me. He is a man, I PROMISE, I HAVE SEEN IT!

AND, I am suppose to get the flu shot, I refuse. *KNOCK ON WOOD* I haven't ever had the flu & I don't want to get it because of the damn shot either. So, I said NO THANKS DOC!

The DP said...

Ahhh Mothers in Law.
Can't live with em, can't...oh never mind. The worst is when they steal your thunder, and if anything good happens to you it is because they reminded you to do it, or they prayed for it, or whatevers.

In the Barb's defense, he had to do something right because Drew was uber responsible really young but yeah.

margiemagnolia said...

You can take Ace to the health department and they'll give him - and anyone else, for that matter - a flu shot!

And Jen - you can't get the flu from taking the flu shot, no matter what anyone says!

From the Doghouse said...

I saw a guy on the street corner with a needle. He said he'd give me the flu shot for a very reasonable price.

i'm black betty said...

i need you to sing carols in december. get yo santa hat out da closet... :)

Old Bopper said...

You and Ace can get your shots at the local health department next to Brandon Discount Drugs. They charge for the shots, but usually the wait isn't long. If the line appears to be too long, just go back later or the next day.