Monday, November 24, 2008


I am not a shoe person. I have maybe 15 pairs of shoes, most of which don't get worn. I couldn't care less about fashion and have worn the same style of clothing for like a hundred years, so my apathy naturally extends to my shoe collection. I wear either sneakers or flip flops every day. The other day I made an impulsive shoe purchase for the first time in my life, because I just couldn't believe that a pair of low-heeled pointy-toed shoes were a) in my size and b) TEN BUCKS. I figured they were just meant for at least one of my outfits.

While packing for our trip to Indiana, I have somehow talked myself into bringing FIVE pairs of shoes. FIVE. One pair of sneakers, one pair of adorable red mary janes to be worn with X outfits, most of which would also match my super cute brown shoes, so I brought the brown shoes. I'm bringing one pair of shoes that will match the outfit I'm wearing for Thanksgiving dinner, and then finally the hella sexy berry-colored high heels I bought for my outfit for the reunion.

That's a full third of my shoe collection that I'm bringing. And it's not like we have all the room in the world - we're looking at 2 suitcases, a duffel bag, a Pack n Play, 2 garment bags, a cooler, and a toy box. Thank goodness we're renting an Explorer. Maybe if I could settle on 2 pairs of shoes, we could be bringing the Sonata.

It just doesn't seem fair that I'm only bringing one pair of shoes for Ace and 2 pairs for Drew.


Sandi said...

Sounds perfectly fair to me.

mayberry said...

I'm not seeing the unfair part either?

From the Doghouse said...

Somebody's channeling their inner girly-girl.

Watercolor said...

Now, you are a girl. I wouldn't take the brown ones. Take a red pair instead. :)

Jen said...

you better keep all 5 pairs of shoes in that darn bag! :) men don't need variety, hehe

have fun