Saturday, November 01, 2008


So it's November, and while I love blogging, I've never officially joined NaBloPoMo. I'm doin' it this month.

I'm going to start the month with a bang really, really boring post. I went to Newk's for supper and got their loaded baked potato soup, and it was like heaven in my mouth. HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH. You must try it.

That is all. We went to Vicksburg today and I am freaking exhausted... yay for one extra hour of sleep tonight!


Sharon said...

what's the deal w/ this thing?

Just post away like a crazy person?
Maybe I'll do it.

Btw, your dinner sounds better than mine. We only had McD's!

dhcoop said...

now I've got to go find out what the heck you are talking about.

Sandi said...

Oh man, is it nablopomo already? On one hand that's good ... I love reading your blog. But then again, it stinks having the firewalls at work. :(

From the Doghouse said...

Food posts are never boring!