Tuesday, October 28, 2008

catching up

I'm taking advantage of Ace's naptime to catch up on some stuff. I was tagged for like 10 memes and awards and while I saved them all so I could give adequate thanks and stuff, Google reader saw fit to delete everything. EVERYTHING. So if you've tagged me or nominated me for an award, could you please remind me? Thanks.

So, remember when I said that I was a little annoyed with Drew for getting the high-falutin' toilet paper? Well, he also got the high-falutin' paper towels. I can't really bag on him for those, because they really helped in this situation:

Never, never, EVER leave a 2-year-old alone with a cup full of Kool-Aid. Just don't do it. Not even for just a second. NO.


Amanda Wells said...

How cute!

mayberry said...

I gave you an award honey!


clstigger said...

Glad you are back to bloging.

From the Doghouse said...

What, it's still in the cupholder!

I tagged you too.

Jennifer said...

ha ha ha ha! You speak the truth on that one!! I get mad when Andy DOESN'T bring home the high falutin' paper towels--with a three year old, we have messes like this every time we turn around! (He's into 'splosions at the moment)