Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ya know... Christmas is coming...

I want THIS.

She is filled with "poly pellets and poly fill," and is very "cuddly, poseable and soft." No word on the material of her skin. Cuz, you know, it totally looks like human skin. How many bottles of lotion were thrown down a well to make this?

Looks like crafts day at the mental hospital went very very wrong.

Me: "Dude, you know she's high quality. Her hair is premium mohair."
Drew: "Made from real 'mos?"

Sigh, too bad bidding ended at $40. This would've made a great addition to my "WHATTHEHELLISTHATOHSWEETBUDDHAMYEYES!!!!!!" doll collection.


HEATHER said...
Go look at that one!
They are seriously ugly!
How you feeling?
Praying for you and baby!

Sharon said...

HOW do you find these things?!

Stacey said...

I'm like a super sleuth. Findin' crap on the internet that nobody else wants.

Heather - feeling pretty good. Little nervous about the ultrasound today but it's in God's hands.

Jo said...

OH MY GOD! I thought that was your ultrasound picture!!!

LMAO!!! Just kidding... how disturbing!

I don't care HOW you find these things... WHY do you feel the need to SHARE them? LOLOL!! Just kidding.... she's actually *kind* of cute in her own, ghoulish way.

Still praying... can't wait to hear the news :)

i'm black betty said...

that thing is effin' freaky...
hell to the naw!!!!!

good luck today. praying for you. xoxo

Melinda Barton said...

If it's a girl, please don't let it look like this thing. I'm scared now.

Watercolor said...