Monday, September 15, 2008

It's time I start beggin'

I am woefully late in starting this, so please to be givin', okay?

Ace's school has a fundraiser every fall called Laps for Little Ones/Struttin' Their Stuff. Laps for Little Ones is your standard fundraising walk/run. At the end of the walk/run this year, however, the kids will do a lap around the track in their walkers/canes/wheelchairs/on their feet/on their bellies/however they can get around the track as a celebration of all the things they've accomplished so far this year.

Now how freakin' cute is that.

Here's the thing. The school is 100% donor funded - they get no money from the government at all. It's also 100% tuition free, which is good, because guess how much it'd cost to send Ace there for one month. Just guess.

Did you guess $2,000? Because you're right!

That's right, y'all, it costs $2,000 per kid PER MONTH to run the joint.

Do me a favor. You can click here to donate (enter "Struttin' Their Stuff" under "Designation," and "Ace" under "Dedication"), or you can mail me a check, give me cash, give me money order, mow my lawn... Okay, the last one won't help Ace's school, but it'd really help me. If you want to do anything other than donating at that website, e-mail me at and I'll give you my address. OR, you can e-mail me and tell me where you are (in the Jackson metro area) and I'll come pick up your money. Don't you wanna see my ugly mug in person?

I'm setting a goal for $1000. If the school gets $50k, they'll get a matching grant from The Phil Hardin Foundation. That's $100K to help this school which has helped Ace so much in the past month. I have about 3 weeks to raise this money, so get to diggin' in those pockets!

(Also, I realize this is unlikely, but if you wouldn't mind donating before around 1 today, that'd be awesome. Whoever raises the most money by that time gets a prize.)

Please donate. This school has been so important to me and Ace, and I've already noticed so many improvements in him. I see all those other kids there and know that the school has been an invaluable aid to them and their parents, and I really wanna help out as much as I can. Help me help them. Thank y'all for anything you can give.


mayberry said...

Hey, I couldn't make a HUGE donation, but every time I see that sweet little picture of you and Ace on my fridge I'm reminded of how much God has blessed me and how much He's taught me through you and your attitude.

Sandi said...

I'll donate ... is Thursday too late? It won't help y'all get the prize, but will the fundraiser still be going on?

Watercolor said...

Hey hun. Tomorrow is payday so I'll do something after that. hugs!!