Monday, September 22, 2008

I can has donation?

Have you donated to The Little Light House yet?

Circle "Yes" for awesome, "No" for WHAT'RE YOU WAITING FOR?


Seriously. Holler at me at brast_smboo at and I'll give you my address if you wanna mail me a cash/check donation. If you're in the Jackson metro area, I'll drive to you and pick up your money.

Or, donate online. Make sure you put "Struttin' Their Stuff" in the designation field and "Ace" in the dedication field.

If you've already donated online, please let me know at the above address. I wanna be able to send you one of my nifty thank-you cards.

A reminder:

-It costs TWO THOUSAND dollars per month per child to run the school.
-TLLH is tuition-free for parents.
-They receive no federal funding.
-They are entirely donor-funded.
-Donating officially makes you awesome.

Don't you want to be awesome?


Jo said...

Don't forget our "arrangement" :)

Sandi said...

Hit me up for some cash on Friday.