Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wait, what?

Alanna (my little sister): Have you seen the commercial where the dad takes the little boy in the bedroom to change his diaper and he pees all over the place?
Me: The dad pees all over the place?
Alanna: The little boy pees.
Me: What's the dad doing?
Alanna: He's trying to change the little boy's diaper. It's a Huggies commercial.
Me: But the dad, himself, is NOT peeing?
Alanna: Stop picking on me.

Stacey. Worst Sister Ever (tm) since 1992.


Jennifer said...

Ummm...worst sister EVER? I posted a story about my sister's boobs popping out at my wedding and have shown the uncensored pic to anyone who would look. I made my little brother dring pee when we were younger....I win!

(Should I be so triumphant?....)

Sandi said...

What's the point of having siblings if you can't pick on them? LOL

Watercolor said...

That commercial is freaking hilarious!!!!!!

Bird said...

I'll actually be back from my trip sometime on the fifth of July, but so you know. . .

Off of I-12 exit at Hwy 59 (mandeville/abita springs)

Go north

Take a left on Koop--playground is at the end of the street.

If you will be around on the sixth let me know, but i'm assuming you'll be headed back to Jackson by then.

Sharon said...

Isn't that the Amazon commercial? ;)

If we can't post embarrassing things on family, what IS there? lol

HEATHER said...

I love this commercial. I think it is for Huggies diapers. Cracks me up!!

Dr. Wifey said...

i love telling embarrassing stories about my little brother to all of his friends, espeicially *girl*friends hehehe

From the Doghouse said...

Now Jennifer, where is this picture again?