Monday, June 16, 2008


Today's schedule, thus far:

7:30 - 7:45 - woke up, lounged in bed, got up, showered. Before showering, considered briefly scrapping day's plans and going back to sleep and just waking up whenever Ace does.

8:20 - 10:45 - baked cookies for Daddy for a belated Father's Day present, dried hair, woke/changed/fed Ace, packed things for the day's errands.

11:00 - arrived at Wal*Mart (yeah yeah, I know) in search of a micro SD card, a box, some packing tape, and some stroller clips.

11:10 - spoke to "helpful" Wal*Mart associate in electronics who has no idea what a micro SD card is, and doesn't know anyone who does.

11:12 - spoke to "helpful" Wal*Mart associate near photo center who has no idea what a micro SD card is, but apparently just found out what flash drives are because she tried to sell me one HARD. When I told her that a flash drive wouldn't fit in the micro SD slot in my phone, she said "oh" and walked away.

11:20 - left Wal*Mart with a box, some packing tape, a potty for Ace, a renewed hatred for the store, the employees, the shoppers, the products, and the ground on which it stands, and all words with "wal" or "mart" in them.

11:45 - arrived at Flowood post office to mail cookies to Daddy and get 2 sheets of stamps for little sister's baby shower invitations that I was supposed to mail last week. Got the bright idea to let Ace loose in his walker.

11:48 - Ace threw first fit of the day when removed from his walker.

11:49 - 12:04 - Held Ace, kicked his walker, kicked myself for not bringing him in his stroller, wanted to kick the woman that got like 15 money orders, wanted to kick the post office for not employing more people and turning the air conditioner above 85. Started to want to kick people for their BS sympathetic "oh, poor lady with the disabled kid" smile. Let Ace walk from the door to the car.

12:05 - Ace threw second fit of the day when removed from his walker.

12:10 - arrived at Ichiban to meet little sister, little brother, and brother-in-law. Got grub on.

1:00 - 1:15 - arrived at Babies R Us, found stroller clips. Put them on Ace's stroller, hooked on Ace's walker to see if it would work, danced triumphantly when it fit perfectly.

1:20 - arrived in Target parking lot, saw flippin' sweet spot, started heading toward it. (W)itch in Saturn Vue came from the other direction and came within 4 feet of hitting my bumper and stole the spot from me.

1:21 - suppressed urge to maim, kill, destroy. Vow to start packing heat, Black Betty style.

1:21:30 - called her a b-word, as quietly as possible. Realized with many many thanks that I had the handicap placard in my purse. I wanted to let Ace walk in anyway, guess I'll use that handicap placard for good.

1:25 - 1:30 - Got stroller out, put Ace in walker, walked into Target. Yes, this took 5 minutes. Ace took his sweet time. Ace relished his newfound freedom and headed straight for the sunglasses.

1:35 - Ace threw the third, final, loudest, and longest fit of the day when I took him out of his stroller. Put the walker in the stroller clips, where it fit perfectly, and triumphantly went in search of a micro SD card and an electric shaver.

1:50 - check out without micro SD card and head to bathroom. Put Ace on changing table. As expected, stroller flies backward under weight of walker. As unexpected, stroller clips snap in half.

1:53 - cussed.

1:55 - put Ace in stroller and carry walker out to the parking lot. Thanked God that I had used the placard.

11:00 - 1:55 - sweated @ss off. Vowed to wear shorts more often, much to the dismay of the entire Jackson metro area population. Vowed never to do errands during the day again. Vowed never to let Ace use walker during the day again. (Will retract that vow.) Vowed to find a way to secure the walker to the stroller because THAT WAS REALLY AWESOME.

2:00 - while driving home, realized that I was going 55 in a 35. Shut up. Everyone speeds on Luckney.

2:05 - looked in the backseat and saw my overheated baby. Navigated a tree-lined country road while taking off his shoes, braces, and socks, and vowed to never leave his sippy cup at home again.

2:15 - arrived home, threw child in bed, blogged furiously, and looked forward to leftover moussaka for supper. NOM.


Watercolor said...

whew! Now, a cold margarita for mommy!

Jo said...

What a day! Just FYI... they DO make weights that clip to the bars on the FRONT of the stroller to obliterate the it's-too-heavy-tip-over-backward crap.

Keep up the good work Mama!!

Jo said...

ok... not sure why that cut off the rest of the url but after buggy_ it should say weights.php

HEATHER said...

Mommy needs a drink!
I am glad to know that I am not the only one who sweats.