Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The great meme catch-up: The book meme

This meme has been running around for a while, and as such I've been tagged by a few different people.

Thing is, I have a bit of a confession. With the internet and the television to keep me occupied, I honestly don't read that much anymore other than magazines. I've been reading the books from my two book clubs (except this month), but really, I only read to fall asleep now. I used to read like crazy - my mom had these draconian TV rules, and I blew through so many books at my library that I was begging for more. Now though - not so much. Anyway, on with the meme.

Total number of books I’ve owned:
I'm really not certain how anyone could actually accurately estimate this. As far as the number of books I own right now... hmm, I'll say less than 100. I don't keep books once I've read them because I hate clutter so much - I figure if I want to read a book again I'll get it from the library I donated it to or I'll just buy it again.

Last book I bought:

The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd. It was a book for one of my book clubs, and IT WAS LIKE WALKING THROUGH MUD. I do not recommend it. It's like The Thorn Birds meets Nyquil.

Last book I read:
See above. Took me forever to slog through.

Five books that mean something to me:

The Bible, by God. Natch. I actually received my first one from my first boyfriend when I was considering joining the Catholic Church. He was (and is) devoutly Catholic and obviously encouraged my conversion. When I decided I didn't want to join, I bought a New American Standard version at a garage sale. When it came time for me to read out loud in my Sunday school class at First Baptist New Orleans, I realized for the first time that my version was different than everyone else's. A girl named Melanie bought me my first NIV translation, and I've used it ever since.

A Wrinkle In Time, by Madeleine L'Engle. I had to buy this one in 6th grade, and I still have it. I read it probably once a year. Unfortunately, now when I'm reading it I can't get the voices of the kids from Family Guy out of my head.

Up the Down Staircase, by Bel Kaufman. I LOVE this book.

One Child, by Torey Hayden. My grandma gave me that book when I was 9 or 10, and it has really stuck with me ever since.

Most recently, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini and The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices by Xinran Xue. It ain't perfect being a woman in America, but it's sure better than being a woman in Afghanistan or China.

(I know that makes 6. I count better than I read.)

I tag:
Deanna (although the redneck advice columns are cracking me up)


Sandi said...

Love A Wrinkle in Time. That's the one book from childhood that everyone remembers. Great read.

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

Totally know what you mean it is draining trying to find the time to read a good novel. I reading the Great Gatsby again.

"One Child" is a great book@
Oh yeah I download books to my e.reader to keep from taken up those bookshelves.

Watercolor said...

I can't stand Sue Monk Kidd. Like reading a 6th grade primer or something. oy vey. Use adult words for heaven's sake!!