Thursday, May 29, 2008

vegetarian Southern food

I've got two redheads and a Dominican descending on my house next week for 3 days during a tour of da durrty Souf. I'd like to cook some good Suthun food while they're here, but one of the redheads is a vegetarian and dang if Southerners don't like some meat.

Y'all give me some ideas for good Southern suppers that can be made vegetarian. So far, the only thing I can think of is baked macaroni and cheese.


Supermom said...

Fried okra
Sweet potato casserole
Biscuits and tomato gravy
Collard greens
Fried green tomatoes

now I'm hungry!

(and of course lots of grits for breakfast!) =)

Supermom said...

oh and my grandmother's fried sweet corn...

heaven on earth!

From the Doghouse said...

How vegetarian is she? I know some that will eat seafood, which would open up many options (crawfish boils, etc.).

Nicole Bradshaw said...

My grandmother used to always make cornbread, fried squash or okra, black-eyed peas, and collard greens for dinner. SO YUM.

Also, you can make rockin' sandwiches with soft white bread, thick slices of good tomato, a few leaves of basil, mayo, and a slice of swiss. Heaven.

Corn and tomato tart, while not Southern (I don't think), would be great right now, because you can get great produce.

Ooooh, and blackberry cobbler. Sooo good.

Dr. Wifey said...

my mamaw would rather eat good ole southern veggies any day of the week than any kind of meat
-fried dill pickles, num, num!
-banana puddin'(i can email you my ever-so-famous recipe for a small price :) )

SP said...

All these comments are making me hungry. Can I join you for dinner?

Susan said...

You can also make dumplins (no, there's no "g" down here) without the chicken. Just season well since you probably won't want to use broth either. You can make a lot of good Southern casseroles without the meat, such as a hash brown casserole.

Southern food actually lends itself to vegetarian quite well - potato salad and fruit salad, coleslaw, copper pennies, vegetable soup, onion soup, grilled veggies, apple turnovers, grilled pineapple and apples. And of course baked beans or red beans and rice, corn chowder, stuffed peppers... I won't even get into desserts. That's a no-brainer!

Bird said...

Blue runner beans from the can--season with tony's and put over rice. It's not my preferred method, but it will still taste OK.

Fried corn is pretty awesome, but i have no idea how to make it.

Fettucini alfredo is always delish and you can even grill up some meat to serve on the side.

Sharon said...

Jambalaya minus the sausage?
Rice & Beans, Zataran style?

Veggie Pitas. (ok, not very southern)

Grilling out:kabobs-->potatoes, green pepper & onion, brushed w/ olive oil and maybe some garlic salt or powder.
Good ol' potato salad w/ it, or vegetarian baked beans...

Sorry. I'm out of ideas.

black betty said...

i was gonna say chitlins, but....

Watercolor said...

grilled fresh veggies from the garden with corn bread and banana pudding for dessert

fwapah said...

THANK YOU, Supermom.. with the exception of the tomato gravy (I prefer white), those are some of my all-time favorite foods.. she's not feeding Yanks here, folks. :)

I promised myself I could eat seafood if I went to Tulane, but I didn't, so I don't. If we have a crawfish boil at the Spiehler pad, I'll die.