Monday, May 05, 2008

idk, my bff Angie

I don't know why, but I've had this picture hanging out on my desktop for a while now. I don't know if I've used it in the past for some reason, or if I was going to use it, but I'm using it now.

This is my bestie Angie sliding down a giant dragon's tongue at Storyland in City Park in New Orleans. I love it because she just looks so doggone happy. She's going to hate the picture, and be mad at me for a second for posting it, but then she's going to think about her Awesome Boyfriend and be all in love again. Awwwww. In fact, I like to think that the sheer unabashed joy I captured on her face in November is how she feels inside now because of Awesome Boyfriend.

Now I'm going to delete this picture from my desktop because I totally don't know why it was there in the first place.


From the Doghouse said...

Sigh. I love Storyland. And I think I'm succeeding in making sure my kids love it too.

Although it shrunk massively from when I was a kid; don't know why they had to replace those huge things with smaller versions.

Melinda Barton said...

OMG, your bff is so hawt!

Sandi said...

That's a great picture. That's pure joy on her face. LOL