Wednesday, May 07, 2008


People that get up this early because they like it are weird.

Ace has to report to the surgical center by 6:45. I am really happy that he's getting this done because I'm tired of pumping him full of antibiotics every time he gets a cold... shoot, this kid could stub his toe (...somehow), cry for a couple of minutes, and get an ear infection. However, I'm really, really apprehensive of how he's going to react to the anesthesia. After the MRI, it was half an hour of panicked screaming, although I'm blaming that partially on the Baptist recovery room staff. We'll be having none of that today. Mama's parking her rear right outside the recovery room and my kid will see me the second he gets outta there.

Gotta go shower. Let's hope I don't zonk out in there.


Sharon said...

My thoughts are with you & Ace today!

black betty said...

good luck. the diva did a 180 once she got her tubes. :)

Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

You and Ace are in our prayers. Of course, my lazy butt slept in so y'all are probably home by now! LOL :)


From the Doghouse said...

We have to get up that early every day to get the kids on the bus. But we don't like it.

How did Ace come through?