Sunday, May 04, 2008


Good things about today:
  • I finished the laundry yesterday (except I still have to put Ace's away) so I don't have to do much today.
  • Ace's temperature is down to within normal range - 98.8 last I checked.
  • I bought a Snickers bar.
  • Ace is 23 months old. (Good GRAVY in one month I'll have a 2-year-old.)
  • Drew left for Boston and won't be back till Friday. This is on the good things list because Drew's never been to Boston and I know he'll have a good time. Plus, he's going to be seeing one of his oldest and dearest friends and her awesome husband, and one of his co-workers from California.
Bad things about today:
  • Drew left for Boston and won't be back till Friday.
  • Between my sick baby and rockin' enchilada heartburn, I got about an hour of sleep last night.
  • Drew left for Boston and won't be back till Friday.
  • Ace won't eat, and at press time, won't go down to nap.
  • Drew left for Boston and won't be back till Friday. I'm gonna miss my man.
  • My DVR erased not only all of my recordings (so, so lucky I'd watched everything) but also all of my season passes. Dish Network's sending a new one.
  • I have the Boston song "More Than A Feeling" in my head and it won't come out.

Wait a minute, that last one should be in the good things list. That song is awesome.

I blame Rock Band, and the fact that Drew just left for Boston. I also have the Augustana song "Boston" in my head. That song is beautiful.

I'm going to go lay down before I start to actually make sense.


HEATHER said...

So glad his fever has come down. I said extra prayers for him early this morning.

Watercolor said...

Glad Ace's fever is better. Hope both you and he sleep better tonight.

shiksa said...

Ooh, that blue velour jumpsuit on the guitar player is NOT on the list of good things! Don't you fret, we'll make sure your husband doesn't get into trouble.

Waterfall said...

I'm glad Ace is better. I always get stuck on "Please Come To Boston" whenever someone mentions Boston. So I guess I'll be singing that one all day (Joan Baez version). Hang in there!

From the Doghouse said...

Boston is my favorite band ever and this may be my favorite song of theirs.

Brou HahHah said...

I do have about 6 Boston songs for RB, as well as the aforementioned one. I'm actually off that charts on the vocals, and learning the drum parts.