Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The good

So I got a refund for our tickets because they can't really reschedule us for a very good time today or tomorrow (unless I wanna drive to Gulfport or Monroe). I looked at tickets for the next month and it's looking like we're gonna have to spend a cool $100 extra or more per ticket to go out anytime within the next three months. We're just gonna go next month sometime.

Since there's so much to whine about, I'm going to make myself feel better by focusing for a second on some positive aspects of this incredibly, incredibly disappointing day.

1. I'm spending the day with Drew, who had some flex time from last week rolled over, so this doesn't technically count as a day off.
2. I got to go to Newk's. Mmmm, Newk's brownie. Mmmm, Newk's Splenda tea.
3. I got a full refund on all of the plane tickets.
4. I don't have to fly through bad weather.
5. The flight from Jackson to Houston got cancelled, so at least we didn't go to Houston and get grounded there.
6. We can reschedule our trip to a time when my goddaughters are actually on summer vacation.
7. My list of stuff to pack is already made, and I'll have at least a month to remember anything I would've forgotten today.
8. It'll definitely be warm enough to swim in my friends' pool by then.
9. I can possibly participate in my MOMS Club's Moms' Night Out. Maybe.
10. More time to plan Ace's birthday party.
11. I don't have to write the March of Dimes thank you cards in turbulence.
12. I can catch all of this week's season finales.
13. Drew gets to play with his new guns for a little longer.
14. Ace gets a little more time to adjust to other children.
15. Lots of stuff going on in the Jackson area this weekend - The ACLU is having a benefit auction. I could go to that. Or I could spend the day NOT rolling my eyes and go to GREEK FEST!!! Will bellydance for gyros.
16. Ace will hopefully not be on antibiotics when we go out there, so I won't have to worry about how to keep a bottle of liquid medicine cold.
17. More time to clean the house. I always hate coming home to a messy house. And my house is DANG messy.

There. There are 17 good things about having to postpone my trip, so I guess it's not all horrible. Granted, I would give this all up for the chance to see my precious goddaughters' smiling faces tomorrow, but, to quote jesusthroughmary, it is what it is.


Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

Hey Stacey... just in case you ever need the info... keep medicine cold by getting a wide mouth thermos and putting the bottle of med inside the thermos with a bit of ice on the bottom (not too much or it'll freeze the meds).

So sorry about your trip being postponed... I know how much you've been looking forward to it!

** hugs **

Watercolor said...

sorry your trip has been postponed. hugs!!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

I'm sorry, sweetie! But, hey, I'm totally in for the "bellydancing for gyros" thing. Maybe my sash will be here by then . . .

Hope to see you at Mom's Night Out.

mayberry said...

"It is what it is."

My dad's favorite saying. So much so that my sis got him a tshirt with just that quote for Christmas.

Good for you for looking at the bright side of things. Maybe you could give me a lesson today?

Bird said...

Well, that is complete crap, but luckily you weren't in a plane in that horrendous weather. Random fact: My husband's company is actually headquartered in Jackson. Small world.

Greek Fest, however, might make a lot of things better. gyros, baklava, souvlaki, hummus, need I go on? I could kill for some Greed spaghetti, but I dont' know a place around here that does it.

Jennifer said...

Speaking of March of Dimes, I am sending your check today--sorry it's so late!