Thursday, May 22, 2008

Awe. Some.

The season finale of Grey's Anatomy was everything I have ever hoped for. EVERYTHING, people. DANGIT, that was fantastic.

I will say no more. But the last five minutes had me hopping up and down on the couch.


Watercolor said...

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!

I loved that they didn't have any cliff hangers, just set up new storied in really lovely ways. It was a lovely touching show. It was GREAT!!!

Christy said...

I was right there witcha!! A total OMG episode!

I so LOOOOVED it when the chief let Yang do the surgery, then got on Hahn's butt afterwards! It was great!!

and then there was all tha kissin and stuff! I do worry now when they return that something will happen to Derek on the way to tell "nursie girl" he's hitting the road....Does he not have a cell phone???

Watercolor said...

Christy, I was glad the man had the character to go tell the girl in person. Having been dumped recently via email, and having been dumped over the phone last year, in person is the least you can do to someone you are dating and saying you care deeply about. Look her in the eye like a man. Give her at least that.

If this show has other moral issues, that one was a nice surprise.