Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This story has me so ticked off that I just cannot believe it. For those of you too lazy to click, a teacher had her kindergarten students vote whether or not they wanted a special needs kid to stay in the class, and had them say what they didn't like about this kid... TO THE KID.

I'm a big believer in seeing the other side of this story, but I cannot, for the life of me, understand how this teacher can think that standing this boy up in front of his classroom and asking all of the other students what they don't like about him is okay. I'm sure he's a pretty big handful, but DAMN, you are paid to deal with handfuls to the best of your ability, not DENIGRATE THEM.

Somebody would've had to hold me down, son. That teacher should absolutely be fired, but not before each of the students' parents tell her what they don't like about her. See how it feels, you jerk?

2 of the 16 other students voted to keep the kid in the class. Those 2 kids' parents should be on fire with pride. They went against the popularity and herd mentality and the teacher's clear desires and voted to keep this little boy in the classroom.

Also, mom's annoying. What the teacher did was crappy, but not so much with the comparisons to Al Qaeda, mkay?


Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

Ok. I'm pissed. I tried to comment but blogger is just being stupid tonight... wouldn't let me upload pics either.

My blood is boiling from the stupidity of this woman! She is NOT a teacher... teachers care for their students, and in Michigan at least take an oath to uphold the constitution ... doesn't that mean that we'll treat folks RIGHT?

I had a long rambling rant before.. but blogger wouldn't accept it. Let's see if it'll take this one??

IMHO that woman should be immediately fired and the district should kiss some major butt of that family!

Susan said...

Saw this on the national morning news today. Beyond totally inappropriate. I can't imagine what some of these people are thinking. Makes me think of the idiot sixth grade teacher here who had her kids vote on things like who was most likely to be pregnant before graduating high school, then read the results to the class. Seriously. Should teachers be encouraging and promoting inclusion rather than being DAMN IGNORANT? As a former teacher, I'm embarrassed on behalf of the educational community.

Furthermore, how did she think that would turn out? She can't legally vote the kid out of class, it's not Survivor. What did she think would happen? Stupidity. Let's hope somebody explains to the kids in that class WHY this was a horrible, horrible thing to do.

Watercolor said...

Seriously. What kind of woman makes her life's work teaching babies and does THIS? Good heavens. Sending a big bucket of fire ants for her bed.

From the Doghouse said...

Since I put it on my blog too, obviously I'm ticked too. And thankful that Little Man had a kindergarten teacher this year that was 180 degrees from this one.

Kayra said...

oh, Stacey, I'm with you. I would have beaten the crap out of this woman first, go to the school officials later. What exactly is she teaching the kids, how to hate, how to discriminate? just outrageous

mayberry said...

Not exactly teaching the the "three r's" anymore are we?

Yeah, the Al Quaida reference was a little much.......Harry cut her off pretty quick on that.

I hope this teacher is banned from public education for the rest of her life. What a terrible, terrible thing to do to a child.

HEATHER said...

I saw this on Fox and I nearly choked on my coffee! This woman needs to be beaten and often! I would recommend a public flogging! Losing her job is the least of what is wrong with her! You don't treat children that way!