Sunday, February 17, 2008


Just had to post that. Now I have to go pick up my kid from Brookhaven. Stay tuned for whining about the fact that I seriously think I gave up the wrong thing for Lent.


Supermom said...

ok, i've tried to comment already... once again....

love the kitty pic... great to see you and andrew last night.

Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

OMG! I have missed you too!!!

If it hurts... then it's the right then to give up :)

You can do it... not much longer... Go! Go! Go!

One day at a time :)

Although, I do have to admit I looked for you at midnight because I figured that was technically Sunday :)

Hope all is well :)


Sharon said...

I miss you!!! :)
But I'm very impressed you've stuck with it. I am not doing so well simply cutting down my time online. Go you! ;)

Watercolor said...

Where is the whining??

Jennifer said...

I think you gave up the wrong thing, too! ;o) J/K Blake and Lilly's Momma is right :o(...if it hurts, it's the right thing--But BOOOOO, I miss your blog!!! (frown, cross arms, and pout here)