Sunday, February 24, 2008

new friend, new blog

I met a lovely gal, Nicole, via and subsequently my local MOMS Club. I dug her immediately and seriously love talking to her, which I've been known to do for upwards of 2 hours. Although, do play group conversations actually count as conversations, or desperate escapes from baby-talk?

I discovered her blog recently (not sure what took me so long) and I'm delighted to realize that she's just as entertaining in written form as she is in person.

One day I'll actually put her on my sidebar (long-time readers know how often I update my links...) but for now, go check her out: Woman About Town


Supermom said...

I met her at book club

Nicole Bradshaw said...

OMG! Very flattered!

Sandi said...

So glad y'all are connected now, and through :)