Sunday, February 03, 2008

Go Giants... or Patriots

I honestly don't care about either of the teams in the Superbowl. Don't care one bit. Thing is, I'm going to watch the Superbowl from beginning to end, and it's always a little bit more fun to be on someone's side. I have approximately 8 hours to figure out who I'm rooting for.

Having been a Ron Paul supporter for the past year and a Saints fan for the past 27 years, I'd kinda like to root for someone that's not the underdog. We all know the Pats are an unstoppable force. Should I root for them, knowing the odds are with them? I know a lot of Colts fans who possibly have voodoo dolls made for each player on the Patriots' team, and I'd hate to cross them, but...

Should I go with my trend of rooting for the underdog? I gotta give it up for my Mississippi boy Eli. I mean, show some love and pride in the Southern boy, right? And hooray for another Manning making the Superbowl. Archie's gotta be beside himself.

Or do I just sit back, eat some pizza, and watch two incredible teams face off against each other and laugh heartily at the commercials?


fwapah said...

dude.. cheaters vs. fighters.. cocky new england vs. hardworking ny team.. new england baby daddy vs. honest nyc/southern boy.. i could go on and on.


plus, they're who your aunt cindy is rooting for

Watercolor said...

Go get a Greg Iles book instead. :)
To answer your question from MR's blog:
He writes great thrillers. Action thrillers, suspense thrillers, smart thrillers. The Footprints of God was the first one I read, I think. Just read Turning Angel and Third Degree. Third Degree is a page turner!! So was Footprints of God. Blood Memory was good, too. True Evil is set in Jackson. :) Heck, they ALL are! He doesn't have a formula he follows every time. You know, where when you read one, the next time you figure out the end because it is the same story line just different characters from last time. If you like suspense thrillers, he rocks.

Plus, he lives in Natchez! And my friend, Ben Hillyer has taken some of the book jacket photographs. :) So, plug for him. :)

Watercolor said...

Okay, the line, "They ALL are" was that they are good, not that they are set in Jackson.... heh. They aren't. Just True Evil. Some are set in Natchez. Some in other MS towns. Some in other places entirely.

Sharon said...

Laugh heartily at the commercials!
That's my choice. :)
Eat fatty foods, listen to the game half-ass, then catch all of the commercials if I can.
Have fun!

Jennifer said...

I don't care about the game either--and to prove it, I'm going to a Super Bowl party that ends before the game does! It promises to be the best food and best company. Super Bowl is just an excuse to party this year (and leave in time to get the chirren to bed.)--Ha ha!

Rob the Webkahunah said...

If you still need help, I will make the decision for you. you are a giants fan... if for no other reason than you'll be rooting against tony.

that and the giants are totally gonna make the upset. :)

Black Betty said...

yeah, i only watch for the cool commercials...oh, alice and i went walking in your neck of the woods tonight and saw a house with the coolest damn bar in the garage...gotta get me one of those! :)

Crawdaddy79 said...

Aren't you glad you went for the Patriots now?

fwapah said...

.. uh, cuz.. you mean the giants, right? :) may this teach you to never root against a manning nor your aunt cindy.

who's got two thumbs and is goin to the parade on tuesday? THIS GAL!

Crawdaddy79 said...

Uh, no cuz. Let me refer you to the statement that "Pats are an unstoppable force" right after all the moaning about rooting for the underdog and losing - which of course means she wants to win this time so she wants to go for the Patriots this time which means she should have kept her pattern also she has bad luck and never bring her to the roulette table also run on sentences are awesome also update your friggin site it's been almost a year.

Sandi said...

Go Eli!
(not that I care a thing about football, but I like the Mannings in general)

Stacey, e-mail me and I'll tell you more about what I was talking about Friday at the luncheon.