Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Having a super high speed connection has opened me up to worlds previously inconceivable. Previously, I'd upload pictures to flickr at the neck-snapping rate of 6 pictures per hour. And yes, this was DSL... "Lite." Now I have a connection that just allowed me to upload 15 pictures in approximately 10 minutes. BLOWING MY MIND.

I know, Ace. I'm amazed, too.

My good friend and previous sister in barren-ness Emma B. has officially left the infertile club by conceiving her second pregnancy with none of the pesky fertility treatments that made her first one all painful and complicated. I don't know that I've ever been happier to hear that someone I know is pregnant. In fact, I didn't hear her. She had to repeat herself twice. Bad cell phone connections really steal a person's thunder.

Norma McCorvey, otherwise known as the Roe in Roe vs. Wade, has voiced support for the good Dr. Ron Paul. He is, after all, the only candidate with a solid plan to undo what she took a part in doing. Atta girl, Norma. Can't blame ya one bit.

My friend Tony got to go to the March for Life in DC today, and I'm hella jealous. Not only did he get to go to the March for Life, but he got to see Ron Paul speak. Dr. Paul was in Louisiana all day yesterday and I was stuck at home with a sick baby. PLEASE, Dr. Paul, Mississippi welcomes you.

Heath Ledger died. How incredibly sad. His daughter will never know him, and as a mother, this breaks my heart. However, *soapbox warning* assuming the pill bottles found near him have anything to do with his death, we must realize that nothing can cure depression or addiction. They are mental disabilities which can be managed just as any other, but they are not curable. So please, stop with the "he had so much going for him" and "I don't understand how anyone can do that" stuff.

Fred Thompson dropped out of the presidential race, since apparently he finally realized that his wife is smoking hot and there are better ways to spend the final years of his life. I'm not nearly as happy as people think I am. I like that the war-mongering neo-con vote is so divided.

There ya go. Two really long posts in a row. Dig that.


From the Doghouse said...

Lemme guess; Al Gore invented the Internet but Ron Paul invented high-speed DSL!

And that may be my most favorite picture of Ace yet.

jesusthroughmary said...

Not one, but two of my friends gave birth yesterday and were thus unable to join us in DC. My friend Jen had a boy at 5:30 am and my friend Natalie had a girl at 8:08 pm. The marriage has already been arranged.

Sandi said...

If only Dennis Kucinich (who?) would drop out for the same reason.
There are pro-life rallies in Jackson occasionally. At least there used to be. The next time I hear of one I'll let you know.