Thursday, November 22, 2007


I'm thankful for things. Family, friends, Tivo, good health, you know, all the good stuff. I have friends coming in from New Jersey today that I haven't seen in nearly 10 years, and I'm very excited to see them again and to host Thanksgiving this year for them. I really enjoy cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and I made rolls from scratch because I have mad skillz and I forgot to get them from the grocery store.

Thing is, I know a very good man who is sitting in a hospital room with cancer eating his body. His family normally has this huge Thanksgiving dinner of which legends are made, but they're all rotating in and out of the hospital room with him. It's a very close family, and support for them is never far away. Someone who means the world to me is completely broken hearted about this man being sick. That family's world is being rocked to its core.

I'm going to be happy today, and I'm going to really, really enjoy myself tomorrow, and I'm going to really really really enjoy myself in New Orleans this weekend. We're taking Ace to Celebration in the Oaks for the first time. My heart, on the other hand, will be with my loved ones.

I hope your day is spent with good family (not the crazy drunks and creepy uncle Joe who likes hugging a little too much) and that it's filled with happiness and joy and maybe a little turkey. We're doing fried turkey (natch), mashed taters, sauteed green beans, homemade "mad skillz" rolls, Drew's awesome dressing, and pumpkin and mince meat pies. I think that's it... Oh, and of course the hors d'oeuvres of deviled eggs and sweet midget gherkins. Without those two things, unfortunately, my Thanksgiving would be incomplete.