Monday, October 02, 2006


So, what's the proper social protocol for expanding one's friends list on myspace? I occasionally search through my graduating class for people I knew back in the day, and will send messages to those I did know. However, I never know if I should just go ahead and hit that "add to friends" button. I've had a few people I knew from back in the day just add me without messaging me first, and that's cool, as long as I know them. I'm not picky on the myspace friends thing. I will automatically add family members and actual friends, but people who are passing acquaintances in high school, 8 years ago... seems iffy. I dunno.

That said, what's with the people with 1000+ people on their friends list? Seriously, how could you possibly know that many people?

I'm up entirely too late, and I'll be blaming that on Ace. This is why I'm pondering such nonsense. I have GOT to get myself a life. My entire social life consists of saying "Who's mama's little sugar?" Sometimes I talk to Ace, too.

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