Friday, September 01, 2006


Just got a statement from our insurance company saying what they were billed by the hospital for Ace's stay.

2 months + 1 baby + 1 intensive care environment: $193,000 and some change.

$193,000 - insurance = $150.

That'll be the sweetest check we ever wrote. Actually, I thought it'd be considerably more, considering my stay was $65K for 8 days.

This, of course, doesn't include the gas we spent going back and forth to the hospital twice a day. And the money spent eating out.

I'm so gosh darn glad he's home, despite my last post, I swear. I'm telling y'all, even when he's screaming in my face and I can't figure out why, all I want to do is hold him and kiss him. It's hard for me to put him in his bed at night because I just want to feel him in my arms all the time. What I feel for him is more than love, and not to sound condescending or excluding, but I can't explain the love I have for him to someone that's not a mother. This child is so beautiful... Have you ever felt your entire body fill with love? I know it sound romantic and cheesy, but it's how I feel when I look at him, and he's sleeping, or just looking around and is so innocent and in need of protection and nurturing. GOSH I love being a mom.


javafoofoo said...

1 week + 1 day + 1 mother to be in the hospital= $65,000

2 months + 1 baby + 1 intensive care enviroment= $193,000

Spending the next 18 years caring for your baby= priceless.


hostagirl said...

That full body love you feel for your son will last the rest of your life!! I too feel that when I see my son. It's a very powerful son just turned 30 and the power of that love has actually grown just as he has grown. Enjoy your wonderful life!!
I have enjoyed reading your postings as your new time of life began with your beautiful son.

Sharon said...

Isn't it amazing being a mom? Now the expression "your heart walking outside your body" makes sense to me.

And I'm impressed w/ your insurace! That's great. I remember back in March-I was surprised to see my d&c cost almost as much as labor & delviery from having my 2 year old.