Saturday, August 19, 2006

Literally wide awake

Ace has about 2 periods of being wide awake during the day. Fortunately, he decided that he'd stay awake after his 1 am feeding, so here I sit. I've figured out how to hold the little wiggle worm and type at the same time, although my arm's going numb.

I don't know how to keep him entertained during these periods. I've tried showing him black and white pictures, which holds his attention for a few minutes, but then he gets bored and fussy and starts looking around again. I've tried color pictures, but he doesn't like focusing on those at all. Reading is a little pointless while he's wide awake, since he wants to be held and wants to look at things. (I do read to him while he's sleeping.) Mostly he just wiggles around and stares at various things, and generally gets fussy and gets the hiccups right before he goes back to sleep.

I want to make a point here, and it's a very important point. You can't say "literally" unless something really happened. For example, you can't say that you literally exploded after a meal, unless you really did. Literally means really. And you didn't explode.

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