Sunday, August 20, 2006

August 20th

Today is Ace's original estimated due date. Instead, I have an 11-week-old. Weird. I gotta admit, I see these women walking around that are all kinds of pregnant, and I don't envy them one single bit. It's HOT here, folks.

Today also marks 2 years since we closed on this house. I feel good enough telling the entire Internet that none of you should buy from my builder, Elton Chalk. The man himself is not so bad, but he and his entire company are a bunch of liars, procrastinators, and half-assers. Two years ago today, I handed the man a punch list and lots of thousands of dollars. Today, he still has my money, and has not completed my punch list, and I've grown way too tired of his daughter-in-law (and head subcontractor, so it's not like he'd fire her) lying to me to continue fighting them. They've fixed a tile in my floor FOUR TIMES because they didn't cement it properly and it moves when we walk on it and the grout all around it is cracking, and they've finally said that "tiles need some air circulation under them." Why, you ask? Because Elton Chalk's subcontractors are IDIOTS. When I wanted the lightbulbs in my recessed lights to be centered, I was told it couldn't be done and that I was being too picky. Holy cow I could go on. So, if you are trying to buy a house in Brandon, Mississippi, AVOID ELTON CHALK AT ALL COSTS. He built over half the houses in my neighborhood, and there's not a person here who bought from him who didn't have a LOT of problems with him. Not small problems either, but zoning, foundation, and legal issues. They pretty much suck.

Now that I've done my good deed of the day to all potential homebuyers in Brandon, Mississippi, I have to go feed the most adorable child in Brandon, Mississippi.

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fwapah said...

why are you limiting it to brandon, when you KNOW you're feeding the cutest child in the WHOLE WORLD.