Sunday, July 30, 2006


Don't tell anyone, but Ace has been off of the oxygen cannula since 4 yesterday afternoon. I mean it, don't tell anyone, especially Ace, we can't jinx this.

So anyway... I am interviewing a potential pediatrician tomorrow. Thing is, I have NO idea what to ask her. I reckon I could just shoot the breeze with her for a couple of minutes and see if we'd be best friends, but that seems like a waste of time. To the moms: What are some problems you've run into with pediatricians, and how could I screen that out in an interview? What other questions in general can I ask?


Reformed Mama said...

YAY! So glad Ace is off oxygen. I pray he stays that way. As far as pediatricians...

Ask their policy on vaccinations. I don't know your thoughts on vaccines, but some studies have shown preemies to have adverse reactions to the DTAP vaccine -- like severe apnea episodes that caused them to be rushed to the ER. So ask your doc what he/she would recommend.

Ask if they have an after-hours number. Super important. Our first ped. didn't have these and it caused problems.

Ask if they will allow you to schedule your appointments at a time where there are the least "sick" babies around or if they would let you wait in a separate waiting room so that your son -- being a preemie and all -- doesn't get an illness that he really has trouble fighting.

Ask if they are supportive of breastfeeding. Some docs are not supportive of extended breastfeeding. Depending on how long you plan to breastfeed, this may or may not be an issue.

Ask about the RSV vaccine and if he will administer it or if you will need to go to a special clinic for the vaccine.

If Ace comes home on an apnea monitor your doc will at least need to put you in touch with a pulmonologist so that the pulmonologist can determine when Ace can come off the monitor. Most pediatricians are not well-versed in this issue.

Ask if he is comfortable caring for a preemie.

Those are just a few things, but I think those are the biggies.

I do hope your son is home soon.

Sharon said...

My main thought was mentioned above-their stance on vaccines.
I wouldn't come out (personally me) and ask what they think of vaccines, b/c that's pretty much a given. But I'd mention the idea of delaying or selecting vaxes, and see how they react.

In general I think it's important to get a feeling that YOU, as the parent, are still in control. Drs. are there to guide, not fully decide, imo. (I'm real big on the whole maternal instinct thing;)

Good luck choosing! And way to go ACE!!!! :)

regan said...

I don't know a thing about interviewing pediatricians, but recently my boss was complaining that her daughter was sick, but she was afraid to bring her in because their pediatrician discourages brining kids in every time they get sick. So my boss didn't bring her child in and in turn her child spread strep throat to the rest of the family. You may want to find out if his policy on bringing kids in for every sickness. Or if there are times he's goign to be pissy that you are there.

Leona said...

Hi, Sister! Everyone here in Lakewood is still praying for you, Drew and Ace... We need more photos to post on the bulletin board for our "senior saints" that don't do the internet... (I know, in your "spare time") You might want to ask the nurses that are working with him daily if they have any recommendations on peds... I think one of the best things you can do for him is to keep on breastfeeding, he'll get help with his immunities from yours. It can be a challenge sometimes, but don't give up!! We love you guys....