Friday, July 14, 2006

The ABC meme

I haven't done a meme in a while, and I saw a fun one on Canadian Emma's blog, and I stole it.

Accent: Kinda depends who I'm talking to, actually. My accent's pretty adaptable. People from California say I sound Southern. People from the South say I sound Northern. I think I just sound like I'm from southern Indiana.

Booze: Vodka. Although I haven't had any in like a year. Someone owes me a drink as soon as I'm done with this breastfeeding business.

Chore I hate: Doing the floors. Couple thousand square feet of house, nary a thread of carpet in sight, that's a whole lotta moppin'.

Dogs/Cats: 4 cats.

Essential electronics: Computer, broadband modem, DVR, cell phone.

Favourite perfume: I don't do perfume much... I like body sprays more. I'm wearing pearberry from Bath and Body Works for the summer, I'll move on to lavender in the fall.

Gold/Silver: Gold

Hometown: Newburgh, Indiana

Insomnia: Nope. Although I do wake up every 4 hours to pump, and it's kind of a bummer.

Job title: housewife, mama

Kids: Ace, 5 weeks old

Living arrangements: 3 bedroom house in the most stereotypical suburban neighborhood you've ever seen.

Most admired trait: I will not tolerate abuse, and will cut people off if they're consistently abusive. I like that trait about myself; other people tend to admire my sweet badonkadonk.

Number of sexual partners: One.

Overnight Hospital Stays: Oh, just the one. 5 days, water broken, on 3 monitors and an IV. Good times.

Phobia: Spiders.

Quote: "So your girlfriend rolls a Honda. Playin' workout tapes by Fonda. But Fonda ain't got a motor in the back of her Honda." -Sir Mix A Lot

Religion: Christian. (And for goodness' sakes, y'all, I'm not Baptist. Just plain ol' Christian.)

Siblings: 3 sisters, 1 brother.

Time I usually wake up: 3 am, 7 am. Ask me again in a few weeks when Ace is home.

Unusual talent: I can rap like no white girl should. And I can spit a piece of gum straight into the air and catch it in my mouth. Yeah.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Cabbage.

Worst habit: Spitting gum straight into the air and catching it in my mouth again. Or procrastination.

X-rays: Lots of mouth x-rays. Let's see, I've broken 2 toes, and thought I broke a leg once... got X-rays for all those.

Yummy foods I make: My desserts make you wanna slap your mama.

Zodiac sign: Leo. (August 5th, y'all. I'm pretty sure that wherever in the world you are, if you mail your present today, it'll get to me on time.)

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