Saturday, June 17, 2006


Ace was put on a c-pap machine yesterday to help him breathe a little better. The nurses are actually all surprised that he's gone this long without one - apparently most newborn preemies need them for a while, and right away. Last night's nurse said that he'd only need it for a day or two. Just one of those preemie thangs.

He's gained an ounce, (up to 3 pounds, 1 ounce) and is gaining grams steadily. Here's hoping he gains weight as fast as his mommy did when she got married. The nurses say that he might be stalling because he's working kinda hard to breathe. Hope the c-pap helps.

Gimme an opinion here... how long after a baby's born is it acceptable to send out announcements? Not sure I want Ace's announcement pictures to be all filled with tubes and stuff, and he's probably about 4 weeks away from being unhooked and put in a regular bed. Is that incredibly vain, or do I have a valid concern?

So yesterday, after I posted here, I was e-mailing Melinda and all of a sudden, the room started to spin. Those two oxycodones took THREE HOURS to kick in. I was still in pain, but I was giggling about it. I haven't felt like that for a long time... actually, since I had those Grey Goose vodka tonics at the W bar during French Quarter Fest last year. Hoo-wee. I was freakin' loaded. I called my mommy, yes, my mommy the substance abuse counselor, and was all "How do I make this go away!" "Eat something and go to sleep." I did, and I did, and I felt better.

I bought Taylor Hicks' single. YES I DID. And it's good. Drew likes it.


Aimee said...

you know me being the photography assistant studio manager i would say get picks when you feel you are ready. So you dont want all the tubes in the pics--dont do it! You will be upset that you did do it. If you want to get some kind of announcement out there, do one like a homemade one with his birthday on there and all the normal stuff to put on announcements and put a little side note that a picture will follow after he is picture ready. Or do it and everyone that you are probably sending an announcement to already know that he was born premature and it is expected that he will have some sort of tubes in him until he is done "cookin'" as my mom would say. It is totally your call Mom and Dad that is a decision that is hard to make and only you two can do that. We will continue our prayers for all of you guys! Stacey you are one tough cookie, and Ace has been tough too! Much continued prayers.

cncz said...

This is probably really vain of an idea on my part, but when ace is older, i think he would want a nice picture. i speak from experience. i wasn't as early as he was (33 or 34 weeks) and I looked freakin crazy even sans tubes. I say give it a month. Of course he is way cuter than I ever was, but you know, the tubes.
Altho some of the pics on flickr are good and some of the tubes are kinda hidden...i like the one where he's sleeping on you and he's all like "get up out of my stuff and let me get my sleep on" with his little hat.

Domestic Chicky said...

I had 2 preemies - 27 weeks, and 30 weeks. We had announcements made, and included a small picture from the NICU-kind of a close up, and then sent out "at home" cards later with the going home picture in it. Do what you feel is comfortable-no one covers this stuff in class, so it is yours to make it up as you go. My best and most heartfelt wishes for you and your family. I promise, it will get better, and when it's all over, the NICU will eventually become a distant memory. It sounds like your precious little boy is doing just fine...