Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

I tip my hat to all dads out there. The difference you make in your child(ren)'s life (lives) is immeasurable. Thank you for doing what you do.

My husband is a new dad, but it's already quite clear that he's going to be the best father imaginable. During my first day in the hospital after my water broke, it was strange to see him planted in a chair watching the heart rate monitor, and every time Ace's heartbeat would drop, Drew would get this stern look on his face. That was the first time I really saw him as a dad as well as a husband, and it was quite frankly a little strange to me. I've known him since he was 21, and watching him go from drunken but dedicated college student to bachelor to boyfriend to fiance to husband and now to dad has been amazing. His devotion to his family is unparalleled. I love you, Drew.

My dad raised me most of my life. It had to be daunting, raising someone like me. I wouldn't want to do it. (Please, Lord, don't listen to all my mom's prayers that my children will all be like me.) For some reason, although his influence would definitely suggest otherwise, I've stayed away from drinking, drugs, and smoking - my dad must have told me a million times that doing those things was a mistake, and passed down the do as I say, not as I do philosophy. I'm the mirror image of my father, but the polar opposite all the same. I admire my father so much for the person I've turned out to be.

My stepdad has been a fantastic provider to me, my sister, and my mom. This is the only man brave enough to teach me how to drive stick shift. He's also the man that showed Christ into my life - he always invited me to church, and never insisted that I go. That foundation helped bring me to Christ, and he's one of the only people that I could tell was genuinely proud and happy when I was saved and baptized, not just happy for me. He brought us to baseball games, to get snoballs, to the mall. He's a true dad, in every good sense of the word.

So to all the dads in my life, all the male role models in my life, to all the dads out there, whether by biology or by luck, thank you for all you do. Happy Father's Day!!

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cncz said...

ahhhh Drew is a dad. *freaks out*. Sorry, I already knew and stuff, but you know.

I only have one desire- before Ace is old enough to remember, I want to eat his cheeks and his toes and smell clean baby smell. I would even pay for this.

Get burt's bees baby oil for him. I would send it but it is not sold here. MMMMMM.