Friday, June 02, 2006

Stacey Update

Hey everyone, it's Drew again. Stacey's doing fine in the hospital. The baby is still where he aught to be, and seems to be having a lot of fun kicking the fetal heart monitor. No contractions or dilation so far, so the doctor took her off 24 hour monitoring - she only needs to have the monitor strapped to her 2 out of every 8 hours. She's very excited about that because now she doesn't have to be awoken by the nurses every time she moves around at night so that the monitor can be repositioned.

I'm working on getting a laptop with wireless Internet access over to her so she can answer everyone's e-mails. Thank you to everyone thinking about us during this time. We really appreciate the outpouring of support from everyone.

God bless,


Becca said...

Thanks for the update! I actually sent a message to her myspace account yesterday not this one. I guess I'll just take turns. :)

Pls keep informed!

All the best and I'm thinking of you guys.


cncz said...

Your son, when he is old enough to remember it, is SO going to get yelled at by at least two aunties for this. Thank you so much for the update. It is late at night here.

javafoofoo said...

Stcaey has already told me that he's gonna be grounded till he's 18. Poor kid...

Hang in there, girl!


Surviving said...

That is good news about the monitor. With my oldest they had me on it for 3 days straight. Those little guys move around so much and are constantly kicking them. I know how hard it is to sleep in the hospital to begin with, dealing with monitors just makes it even worse.