Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Home nurse called.

"Stacey? This is Susie from the nursing agency. When is the last time you took pain medication?"
"Um, a few days ago."
"Well, I'm coming in a few minutes to fit your wound vac, and some people report feeling pain from the suction, so I wanted to suggest that you took some pain medication to counteract that a little bit."

Dun dun dunnnnnn.


Please pray for me, y'all. Keep praying for Ace to get up out the hospital, but please, please pray for me. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this.


cncz said...

you mean you aren't on the druggie drugs? oh my gosh, if i had a c section i would be hittin the percocet.
Stacey. Go take percocet. Or Oxycodone. Or even just tramadol.

Stacey said...

I haven't needed them in a couple of days. The pain has been totally okay, no problems whatsoever. Now though...

Reformed Mama said...

ya know, only NICU moms can understand the roller coaster of emotions having a "sick" baby can cause.

as a former NICU mom, i understand the pain of not holding your son, the hassle of pumping, and the jealousy that comes with seeing other moms holding their newborns.

pumping just stinks, but it is the absolute best thing you can do for your son. keep up the good work. it will help him come home faster.

don't worry about the housework. take care of yourself. let your physcal and emotional wounds heal a bit.

enjoy the time you have with your hubby.

and lastly, take charge when you go to the NICU. touch your son, talk to him. ask if you can kangaroo care (hold him naked against your bare chest). these things are good for the baby and for you. you are his mother. you can hold him.

i hope this was okay to write. i just mean it as an encouragement. hang in there. you are doing great, momma!

shiksa said...

Stacey you're already on your way as the fabulous mommy extraordinaire, so you just don't fret about the housework or anything else but being with your baby and your husband. Everything else will sort itself out and besides, as I've said before, no one will judge you for having a baby 10 weeks early and not being ready to go bungee jumping the next day. Hug that baby whenever you can, and know that you deserve all of the help you are getting. We love you, even if it's from afar.

Laura said...

I so admire you for dealing with the pain as well as you are. I have to admit, I took everything they gave me for as long as I was supposed to. I know all about the pumping, too. It just really sucks. I felt like a complete failure because I couldn't get Kae to breastfeed. I would cry every time I had to pump. I know what you mean by "feeling really down" and not wanting a list of why you should be happy. You really don't have to be happy. You just went through and still are going through the most mind and body altering experience imaginable. Give yourself plenty of room to feel like crap. Call me if you ever want an understanding shoulder...

aimee said...

i will keep u in my prayers- take the medicine it will help with the pain and maybe you should talk to the doctor about the night sweats it could be an infection. you are very strong in all of this and you have every right to be angry right now. You will make it through Stacey you are the strongest person i know keep up the great work god bless you and your family