Monday, May 15, 2006


Why is it okay to say "All Christians suck," but when you insert some other religion, race, sex, or creed in the place of "Christians," you're a bad person?

Why is it that when a woman doesn't want her baby, her right to choose is championed, but when a man doesn't want his baby, he's a deadbeat dad?

Why do people bring their lap dogs (not service dogs, mind you) into a grocery store?

Why do I drive two mid range cars, when the girl arguing about her Medicaid coverage at CVS tonight walked out and hopped in her Lexus?

Why is Bush putting 6000 troops on the border?

Why aren't shows that are pre-empted by sports, weather, or some empty headed politician shown again that night? Especially during season finales?

Why do birds suddenly appear every time Drew is near?


shiksa said...

Perhaps the birds appear because they're attracted to his shiny wallet chain :)

Terri said...

Are you opposed to putting troops on the border? I would rather our tax dollars go to protect OUR borders than be spent in another country such as Iraq. The U.S. needs to start taking care of its own issues before tackling the worlds.

Stacey said...

I'm a big picture kinda gal. Here's what's going to happen:

1. We shoot a few people trying to cross the border. They shoot back. It starts a war.

2. We shoot a few people trying to cross the border. We then pick them up, take them to one of our hospitals, get them cleaned up, and they disappear. Great.

Agreed that we need to get out of Iraq. That's a few billion I'd like to see back in my pocket.

Vicki said...

Maybe because he has nuts in his pocket? (They're not Vultures, are they?)

javafoofoo said...

I don't like Bush's plan mainly b/c it seems lik ehe's ignoring the problems that is already in the US. Instead of facing it, he just decides to "orotect our borders." So how is this going to change from the past? Is he going to get every single available National Guardsman to form a humane fence?

"Red rover, red rover..."