Monday, May 15, 2006

Memory Monday

Before I get to Memory Monday, I want to thank those of y'all who called or sent cards to me for Mother's Day. If I go on, I'll get tears in my eyes... so... just, thanks. I love you.

Warning, some content may not be family friendly.

Drew and I were at a tux shop getting a hankie for the tux Drew was wearing for Rob's wedding. It was in early April, prime time for proms, so the place was pretty full of teenaged boys. One young man walked in with what I'm assuming was his mom and a girl who could have been his girlfriend or his date, or both. He had a shirt on that read "Muff Diving Instructor," complete with a few illustrations.

I don't know about you, but if my son came home wearing that shirt, I'd burn it right in front of him, and he'd wear plain white shirts for a LONG time. Who wears stuff like that in front of their moms? What mom would seriously let their child wear something like that? I can't even excuse her for not knowing the terminology - there were illustrations, for Pete's sake. And who, I ask, WHO has the lack of respect for the general public to wear things like that outside of the privacy of home?? Also, if my daughter's boyfriend walked into my house wearing something like that, he'd walk out with one less shirt and one less girlfriend. Anybody with me on that?

When I was a teenager, those "Big Johnson" t-shirts were wildly popular. I could not, for the life of me, understand why my stepmom wouldn't let me have one, big stinky meany that she was. (Even though I know she wore a shirt in her teenage years that had a big f-word on it...) Yes, I understood the vulgar double entendres, and found them amusing. Vicki, you were right for being a big stinky meany... Sheesh, those shirts are nasty. Towards the end of their reign of popularity terror, kids were being made to turn them inside out at school anyway, so it would have been pointless to buy one. Yay for common decency!


Melinda Barton said...

Oops, a belated Happy Mother's Day to you. I had plans to call all the mothers in my life, but spent most of the day in bed. So, it was pretty much my mom and Judy. Sorry.

Aimee said...

isnt it amazing now to look back and just say thanks mom! i do understand why i couldnt stay out til 2 am with my bad influences. and you want to say thanks for not letting me wear that insanely stupid shirt that i thought was cool because everyone else was wearing one. growing older and having kids of your own makes you realize that our parents did know what they were talking about when we thought that they were being big stupid meanies! Thanks mom i do appreciate everything you taught me.

Vicki said...
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Vicki said...

After reading that, I feel the need to defend my mother's honor by saying she did not know I had that shirt. (Until now, actually) I imagine she would have broken my head had she known. Sorry, Mom.

And, thanks, Jr. for saying that. I love you.